Année 2013 - 2014       
Débutant Novice Intermédiaire Avancé
Lindi shuffle  Bandido's Last Ride  Timeless  Open Heart cowboy( révision)
Beginner Stroll   Rio  Blurred Lines

 Alabama slammin

( révision)

Timeless 2 Hell & Back  Liquid Lunch 


( révision)

Liquid Lunch Wishfull Thinking  All Shook Up



Summer Celebration  Cooley's Reel   Starships  ding dang darn it
Cowboy Charleston No Self Control  One More Night  Summertime Sadness
An Absolute Dream  Messed Up In Memphis  50 Ways  Hairspray 
Cucaracha  Mean Polka  Another Somebody  So West Coast Swing 
A beautiful Day

Thanks A Lot

(style catalan) 

Fairy Tales & Love Songs Cry To Me 
Thanks A Lot Limbo  Brasil Olé Olé Ola  New York 2 LA 
Everybody Knows   The World A Devil in Disguise   
Leave it To You  Vertical Expression  Deck 51   
8 Ball Black Coffee  Hey Brother   
Free & Easy I'm in Love with You  Counting Stars   

Copperhead Road

(version alsacienne) 

 J'ai du Boogie The Tango Project   
Grundy Gallop  Chica Loca  Backwards  
Jailhouse créole  Island in The Stream    
You're so Naughty  Bailando     
Feeling Hot Obsesion     
Looking Good      
Home To Louisiana       
Something in The Water       
Magic in The Air      
Fall In Love