Année 2012 -2013      
Débutant Novice Intermédiaire Avancé
Beautifull Day Big Jimmy Alabama Slammin' Back It Up
Boogie Choo CHOO Bitty Boppy Betty Bang Bang Boys Will Be Boys
Long Shot Round And Round Wasiuasi  Hideaway Cha 
Livin'On Love Irish Stew  Zjozzy'S Funk  Breakthrough 
You Can't Buy My Love Just A Minute  Jff ( just for fun)  Open Heart Cowboy 
Farewell My Jamaica Live, Laugh, Love  Hey Boy Driven 
Cumbia Semana Wake Up Little Susie  No Es Una Novela Stand By Me Cha 
Cowboy Charleston Rhyme Or Reason  Zumba   
Love Trick Bon Chance South Of Santa Fee   
Bye Bye Mambo Lola Half Past Nothing  
Cowboy Madison Jeans Experience  Imelda's Way   
Cucaracha Round The Clock Lovin'  Jamaican Love   
New Train Pontoon I Don't Need It  
Full Tilt Boogie Jambalaya  Mockingbird Waltz   
Come Dance With Me Wave On Wave  Still Love Me Tomorrow?   
DN Waltz No Superman Tango De Pasion   
Chippin' Away Un Beso     
Country As Can Be  Knee Deep    
Totoy Bibbo Dance Of Love     
Rock Around The Corner Closer     
Stealing The Best Summerfly    
Cha Cha Espana      
Country Two Step      
Something In The Water       
Where I Belong      
One Woman Man       
Cheap Talk      
Easy Cha Cha