Rocket To The Sun  Suerte  Hasta La Vista 
 Hayya Hayya   Cha Cha With Me  1+1
 Mamma Maria  Chica Loca Mi Amor Reggaeton 
 K is for Kicks  Jo'N jo Tango  Portland Cha
 Jerusalema  Where Oh where   My Bestie
 Part Time Lover  J'ai du Boogie  Another One Bites The Dust
 Dance By My Side Rock Around The Clock   
 Stayin' Alive  Quando Quando  

 Hands Up

 King of The Road  
 Country Walking  Happy!  
Lipstick, Powder & Paint  Slippery  
 My Bestie Baby    
 Southern Soul Dance    
 When Will I Be Loved     
 Ticket To The Blues