Rocket To The Sun  Suerte  Hasta La Vista 
 Hayya Hayya   Cha Cha With Me  1+1
 Mamma Maria  Chica Loca Mi Amor Reggaeton 
 K is for Kicks  Jo'N jo Tango  Portland Cha
 Jerusalema  Where Oh where   My Bestie ( révision)
 Part Time Lover  J'ai du Boogie  Another One Bites The Dust
 Dance By My Side Rock Around The Clock   Give Me Shivers ( révision)
 Stayin' Alive  Quando Quando  Another Heart

 Hands Up

 King of The Road


 Country Walking  Happy!  
Lipstick, Powder & Paint  Slippery  
 My Bestie Baby  Celtic Duo  
 Southern Soul Dance  Good To Go  
 When Will I Be Loved   1-2-3-4  
 Ticket To The Blues Revivion Démo   
 Lucky Lips  Give Me Your Tempo  
 Révision Démo    

 Here I Am Honey