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P3  Take it or Break it Wilson Fairchild Gabi IBANEZ
PA' BAILAR Pa' Bailar-Instrumental Bajofondo MARYLOO
PAPI Papi Jennifer Lopez

Rachael McENANEY

PART TIME LOVER mg uiz 611 Part Time Lover  Stevie Wonder Young Soon Song
PELIGROSA Peligrosa Javier Rios Ria VOS
PERFECT   Perfect Ed Sheeran Alison JOHNSTONE & Joshua TALBOT
PICK A BALE Pick A Bale of Coton John Littleton Inconnu 
POM POMS  Pom Poms Jonas Brothers  Fred WHITEHOUSE - Daniel TREPAT - Guillaume RICHARD
PONTOON Pontoon Little Big Town Gail SMITH
POR DEBAJO Por Debajo De Tu Cintura Furia Gitana Annie SAERENS
PORTLAND CHA  mg uiz 611 Merci  Valntn  Amy Glass,   Dustin Betts  , Jean-Pierre Madge, José Miguel Belloque Vane, Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen 
PULL YOU THROUGH   Pull You Through Maggie Rose  Maddison GLOVER & Jo THOMPSON Szymansky
PURE MOVIES The Way You Make Me Feel Michael Jackson Michele PERRON
PUT ON YOUR DANCIN'BOOTS Put On Your Dancin' Boots Nancy Hays Jo THOMPSON
QUANDO QUANDO mg uiz 611 Quando , quando The Avener & Waldec Guillaume RICHARD
QUARTER AFTER ONE  Need You Now Lady Antebellum Levi J. HUBBARD
QUE PASO mg uiz 611 Hey Baby Que Paso  The Last Banoleros  José Miguel Belloque Vane & Ivonne Verhagen
QUE TIRE PA LANTE  Que tire Pa' Lante  Daddy Yankee Isabelle Biasini
QUITTER Quitter Carrie Underwood Maggie GALLAGHER
RABIOSA Rabiosa (feat Pitbull) Shakira MARYLOO
RAGGLE TAGGLE GYPSY O Raggle Taggle Gypsy  Derek Ryan Maggie GALLAGHER
RAISE YOUR GLASS Raise Your Glass Pink Rachael McENANEY
REBEL HEART Rebel Heart The Corrs Guillaume RICHARD
REET PETITE Reet Petite Jackie Wilson The LADY IN BLACK
REMEMBER US THIS WAY   Always Remember Us This Way  Lady Gaga Alison JOHNSTONE & Daniel TREPAT
RESPECT Respect Aretha Franklin & Blues Brothers Dutch DELIGHT
RHYME OR REASON It Happens Sugarland Rachael McENANEY
RIDE THE RIVER Ride The River J.J. Cale & Eric Clapson Kath DICKENS
RIGHT NOW  Right Now Nick Jonas & Robin Shultz Niels POULSEN
RIO Patricia Mestizzo Diana LOWERY
RIO DE AMOR  River of Love John  Arthur Martinez Ira WEISBURD
ROCK & ROLL KING Rock and Roll is King Electric Light Orchestra Rachael McENANEY
ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK Rock Around The Clock Bill Haley Tony Chapman
ROCKET TO THE SUN What you've done to me Samantha Jade Maddison GLOVER
ROLL IN THE HAY  Roll in The Hay Don Derby Annie CORTHESY
ROOMBA I know You Want Me Pitbull Guyton MUNDY
ROUND AND ROUND Round and Round Perry Como Marie PAPENDORF
RUBITIN Rub It In Jeff Bates Maggie GALLAGHER & Keresley
RUN ME LIKE A RIVER   River Bishop Briggs Jo Kinser, John Kinser, Guillaume Richard,
Roy Verdonk, and Jef Camps